A downloadable game for Windows

(Early access-ish)

All feedback is greatly appreciated, and if you wish to report it outside of the site, head over here: https://goo.gl/forms/qpazgq99A3SJBetG3

Immemorial is a semi-hardcore, local-multiplayer hack 'n slash/twin stick shooter game with a myriad of upgrades in order to customize your character and your play style.

The game takes place in a bleak fantasy world in which you use sword, speed and magic in order to defeat your enemy!

Currently, the game only features a local multiplayer-mode (which might be extended upon in the future).
It's recommended to play with two Xbox-controllers, but there are controls in place for one of the players to use mouse and keyboard.

Questions and feedback are always appreciated, preferably over att Facebook.


Immemorial | v161103 82 MB